Welcome in the knightly classroom
Have you always wanted to try archery…?
Build your own castle...?
Challenge your partner to a sword fight...?
The knightly classroom is exactly the right place for you!

You will find educational and ingenious games and competitions being offered in the former vaulted cellar of the castle.

We are happy to welcome you on weekends and school holidays as well as by prior arrangement over the phone. 

Archery courses are available for children and adults.

Archery and more

The way of Archery at castle Kastellaun


Intuitive archery, as it is taught on Castle Kastellaun, is not only a physical activity but offers the opportunity to train your inner self, the balance between body and mind in a playful way.


Achieving a goal is always solely a question of the right attitude.


It is not possible to gear towards a goal until we consciously pause for a moment and accept where we are currently standing.


Reaching this goal will then merely be a logical consequence of a flawlessly executed sequence of actions.


Especially kids will be able to transfer this positive learning experience to other challenges and situations in life.


Please call Dirk Neid mobil +49 163–1904374
for further information regarding opening times or to arrange a session.



We are happy to welcome you on sundays, holidays or on appointment. The archery course takes approximately two hours.


If possible, we recommend wearing closed shoes and close fitting upper body clothes.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information:

Contact: Dirk Neid

E-mail: dneid@web.de


Our location

Schloss Strasse

56288 Kastellaun


 (+49) 163 1904374